Frequently Asked Questions about Brakes

How do brakes wear?

As you accumulate miles on your vehicle, your brakes are subjected to repeated heating and cooling. This fact, along with your own driving habits, the type of road you travel, the breakdown of brake pad material, and the accumulation of dirt will distort and scar the discs surfaces so that they are no longer true. The brake disc is no longer smooth, flat, or straight.

What causes brake pulsation?

Brake pulsation, then, is generally caused by a disc that is no longer smooth, flat, or straight. It usually begins with excessive lateral runout or side to side movement of the brake disc as it rotates.

The best brake solution…

The Pro-Cut brake disc on car lathe is the solution to brake pulsation and maintaining your vehicle’s discs. Pro-Cut’s RMS technology is the only patented system for matching hubs to discs directly. The brake lathe attaches to the vehicle’s hub and resurfaces the disc true to the hub’s axis, insuring that the original manufacturer’s tolerances are once again achieved. Pro-Cut’s RMS can even service ABS and trapped discs. It is the best solution for today’s exacting specifications. After having your vehicle’s brakes serviced with Pro-Cut’s Rotor Matching System, your brakes will perform like new for a fraction of the cost of new discs.
There are two main reasons for brake vibration.

The first is steering geometry issues and the second is installation or hub run-out issues.

Geometry Issues

One in seven cars suffers geometry problems during its life that can affect steering and cause brake vibration. These are NOT a product quality issue!!!!!!.These can happen by simply nudging a kerb or by driving over a pothole.

Installation or Hub Run-out Issues

Known as DTV (Disc thickness variation). DTV develops in a vehicle after 3000-4000 kilometres caused by runout built in to the car or due to incorrect alignment of the rotors at install. This is quite a common fault on modern cars and many cars require this at every rotor change. Drivers also confuse hub distortion with a rotor quality issue but in 99% of cases the DTV is a car problem, not a rotor quality problem. You can replace the rotors as many times as you like trying to solve vibration and the problem will only go away for a few thousand miles and then return. This means you have purchased new rotors in good faith but the problem IS NOT SOLVED AND WILL NOT GO AWAY PERMANENTLY until you perform this procedure. After the skimming of the rotor surface you will have smooth brakes, more effective brakes and ZERO vibration. It is even a very worthwhile practice when fitting new rotors to have all four rotors skimmed into perfect alignment on your car with this inexpensive procedure.
Pro Cut machines WORK ON BOTH PLAIN ROTORS AND EVEN BETTER ON SLOTTED AND DRILLED ROTORS OF ALL TYPES Who are Pro-Cut ????… Pro Cut are a USA based multinational and extremely professional Corporation. Their machines are used and approved by many major car manufacturers and used all over the world to do exactly what they do best, CORRECT for rotor misalignment no matter how it arises on a car. You cannot achieve this with any other device.

Benefits of aligning discs with a Pro Cut lathe EVEN FROM FIRST INSTALL

Even when fitting NEW discs or rotors there can be runout from first install due to hub and vehicle chassis alignment tolerances and the perfect way to guarantee smooth braking from first install is to have even your NEW rotors skimmed. Because the rotors are new this will only take the smallest amount of material from the disc……a maximum of 5 thousandths of an inch and will not affect disc or rotor service life. 

What a skim over from new with a Pro Cut lathe will do is

  • Perfectly align your discs or rotors to your car
  • Ensure smooth and perfect braking from first pedal
  • Remove zinc from the braking area accelerating bed in and brake efficiency
  • Prevent DTV and brake vibration occurring for many thousands of miles