BRAKE DISC MACHINING Browns Bay – Mobile Brake Disc Machining

We provide brake disc machining services on Auckland’s North Shore. We are equipped with a professional precision on-car brake lathe – the Pro-Cut 9.2.

This lathe is recommended by many motor manufacturers. With this lathe, we are able to reface the disc rotors on your car as long as they are within the specified minimum thickness.

Machining rotors can save you money if you have corroded or warped discs or squealing brakes due to lips on the discs, as we can just reface rather than replace. So you save on the price of new discs!

It also reduces the number of discs bought and sold every year which helps in a small way towards reducing the carbon footprint.

BDM Services

We offer the following services on and off car:

  • Front disc skimming
  • Rear disc skimming
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Rotor replacement (if rotors on minimum or undersize)
  • Brake caliper repairs
  • Drum machining

Please note:

For on car machining, we can machine discs up to a 320mm

For off car machining, we can machine any size car discs

All repairs and work guaranteed