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Tyres should be checked on a regular basis for safety. If tyres are in poor condition or have low tread, they can also fail a WOF.

If you’re not sure what all to look for when it comes to inspecting your tyres,

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We can assess the overall condition of the tyres and let you know if new ones are needed or if they’re still good to keep driving on!

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What to look for when checking tyre conditions:

Tyre pressure

Pressure that is too low or too high can result in tyres wearing excessively, increased fuel consumption and if the tyre pressure is significantly out, it can also negatively affect vehicle performance such as handling or braking.


Low tyre pressure can make the car feel like it is pulling to one side and the tyre may also feel unusually hot after driving. This can also happen where a puncture is present, causing low pressure.


To find out what the correct tyre pressure is for your vehicle, look for a plaque that is located inside the driver’s door frame or in the owner’s manual.


Tyre tread

Smooth or ‘bald tyres’ have a tread pattern depth of at least 1.5mm and are extremely dangerous to drive on, especially in wet conditions. Not only do smooth tyres have less grip on the road, which affects braking but the tyres can also blow-out while driving.


Tyres can be smooth on the centre, or on the inner/outer edges.


Tyre sidewalls

Check the side of the tyre for cuts or perishing.


Don’t forget to check your spare tyre too!!

Other Warning Signs To Be Aware Of:

Wheel balance is out

The wheels may be out of balance if the whole car is vibrating from about 60km or more.


Alignment is out

The wheel alignment is likely to be out if the car feels like it is pulling to one side, or the tyre feels unusually hot after driving or there is uneven tread wear.


Tyre bulge

When the car is travelling at lower speed and there is a ‘thump’ sound or sensation, it could be that there is a bulge in one of the tyres.

Still not sure?

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